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Crash is a simple yet unique type of game. The player sets a winning goal and his probability of achieving it are inversly proportional. The result is displayed to the player as a rocket, increasing in altitude at an exponntial rate. That rocket will eventually explode. The player's aim is to bet on the rocket achieving an altitude equal to the winning goal.

The game can go by other names SmartSoft Gaming calls their version of this game JetX and DraftKings calls it DK Rocket.

The player may set his winning goal to whatever he wishes, up to about 1000x his bet. What happens visually is a space ship takes off at an altitude of 1. Every second, the spaceship either increase in altitude at an exponential rate or explode. The pilot will set a certain altitude to eject. If the pilot ejects at that altitude, before the spaceship explodes, then the player will win the product of his bet and the altitude the pilot ejected.


The following rules are based on the JetX game by SoftSwiss Gaming.

The player will choose a bet amount and a winning goal between 1.01 and 1000 times his bet amount.

After the betting period, which lasts about 5.6 seconds, a spaceship will take off.

The multiplier (or altitude) of take off is 1.

About every 1/7 of a second one of two things will happen:

With about a 99% chance, the multiplier will increase by about 1%.

With about a 1% chance, the spaceship will explode.

If the spaceship didn't explode, then if the new multiplier is greater than the player's winning goal, then the pilot will eject and the player will win (on a "for one" basis) his winning goal.

If the spaceship didn't explode, go back to rule 4.

To make matters more confusing, the player may make one or two bets on different multipliers in the same game. If the player does this, then there will be two pilots in the spacecraft, ejecting at different altitudes as chosen by the player.

The player does not have to bet during the 5.6-second time between games, but may place his next bet during the current game and may also put the game on autoplay to keep repeating the same bets indefinitely.